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Our Team


Amy Perez

Writer, Biologist, Educator

Having traveled the world, Amy is a staunch advocate for the protection of unique ecosystems and uses her platform to educate and inspire environmental stewardship in others. She holds master's degrees in education and biology, and shares her passion for nature, adventure, and learning through conservation-minded stories. You can read more from Amy on her website Freely Inspired.

Christopher Perez

Aquanaut, Veteran, Creator

As a Navy Diver and combat photographer for over twenty years, Chris' award-winning images have been featured in a variety of online and print publications. Having traveled the world since childhood, Chris has an innovative, forward-thinking philosophy which underpins his photojournalistic style. He is passionate about life, family, and capturing impactful stories in remote, underserved regions.   

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Our Story

Best friends and husband-wife team Chris and Amy Perez traveled the world together for the past decade in search of adventure and exploration. In their travels, they uncovered a talent for storytelling and a passion for living life on their own terms. In 2020 they founded Media Evolve to tell stories that connect people to one another and to the natural world. Chris and Amy currently live in Hawaii with their daughter and little apprentice, Ava.

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