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Amy Perez

Writer, Educator, & Documentary Filmmaker

Amy has a deep-seated belief in the power of authentic storytelling and uses her platform to amplify the voices of individuals from all walks of life. Holding master's degrees in education and biology, she combines her passion for learning with her innate curiosity about connections between humans and their environment. As a published writer and documentary filmmaker, Amy captures the essence of humanity through stories that inspire hope and resilience. Through her YouTube channel, Freely Inspired, Amy shares her passion for nature, adventure, and lifelong learning, igniting a spark of curiosity and reverence for the world around us. Whether exploring the depths of human connection or celebrating the beauty of everyday moments, Amy's mission remains the same: to inspire a generation to embrace their authenticity and to forge a future filled with compassion, understanding, and boundless possibility.

Christopher Perez

Creator, Aquanaut, Veteran

Christopher's lens has captured the essence of human resilience across the globe for over two decades. As a distinguished Navy Diver and combat photographer, his extraordinary imagery has graced the pages of publications including GQ and Smithsonian Magazine. With a childhood marked by wanderlust, Christopher brings an innovative, forward-thinking philosophy to his craft, infusing his photojournalistic style with a unique perspective shaped by a lifetime of global exploration. His passion for storytelling drives him to seek out and document impactful narratives in remote and underserved regions. Through his lens, he strives to shed light on the untold stories of humanity, capturing moments of strength, resilience, and hope that transcend borders and inspire change.

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Our Story

For more than a decade, Chris and Amy Perez have been on an extraordinary journey together as they traverse the globe in search of adventure, discovery, and connection. As best friends and partners in life, they have shared innumerable experiences that have shaped their passion for storytelling and living life on their own terms. In their travels, they uncovered a profound talent for weaving narratives that resonate with audiences, bridging cultures and fostering understanding. In 2020, fueled by their shared vision, they founded Media Evolve—a platform dedicated to sharing stories that inspire. Currently residing in Georgia with their daughter and little apprentice, Ava, they continue to explore, create, and share their love for storytelling with the world.

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